You Should Know That Italian is a Romance Language

italian romance language

Italian is a very passionate sounding language. It is acknowledged as among the most romantic languages in the whole world. It has certain qualities that make it so flowery and makes people who speak it very animated. This is one reason why it is always linked with feelings of love and romance.

Love is in the Italian Air

You might be wondering why Italian is a romance language. Let us trace some reasons behind this claim:

The primary reason behind this is the Italian culture. The country has a very colorful history which may condition our thinking that indeed it is a romantic language.
The culture of love is in the air. You can smell Italian passion and visualize romantic imagery all over. Look at the devotion to high architectures and artworks that can be traced back to the olden times. The works of the great Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael display the passion of the Italian soul. The details of the David, La Giocanda, The Pieta, and the Monalisa say it all.

The connection of the Italian culture to the Catholic faith shows the purity of love as seen in Jesus, Virgin Mary, and all the other saints depicted in sculptures and paintings. The architecture of the different churches and basilicas all over Italy also makes the language synonymous to love.

Have you seen an opera? It is an Italian contribution which also conveys a lot of love and passion. The notes of the opera bring the audience to a different level of appreciation. They do experience pure emotion and sensation while listening to the performance.

The biggest reason, among all reasons, why Italian is a romance language is the country itself. Italy is a charming place. The atmosphere is romantic with views of rural sceneries, the sea, the hills, the countryside–everything spells love. Whether they know Italian or not, a lot of honeymooners pack their bags and go to Italy to spend time together and strengthen their bonds.

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As you can see from the rich culture and history, one can now closely associate Italian with love and romance.

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