All About the Hardest Language to Learn

hardest language

Did you ever wonder ‘what is the hardest language to learn?’ If you have ever spent time studying a
foreign language, you may have thought at one point that you had chosen the most difficult language
to learn. But is that just temporary frustration talking, or is there one language that is
harder to learn than all the others?

There are lots of factors that make a language hard or easy to learn. The most important are what
your mother tongue is – the language you grew up speaking. This will have the greatest impact on
how you learn languages. Other factors are – learning a new alphabet or writing system, new grammar
rules and strange new sounds to make.

It’s a combination of actual characteristics of a language and your personal
experience. But if the majority of people agree that one language is hardest to learn, then it
probably is. I take a survey on my website, and the vast majority of people seem to choose the
hardest language based on what their mother tongue is. Although many who speak English as a second language choose it as the most difficult language, it is not the most popular choice.

English is my native language, and I have an opinion on where English stands about other
words. I think that English is an easy language to learn to speak badly but a difficult language
to speak well. I also believe that writing English properly is tough and that, is where people
have the most difficulty with English. But I also don’t believe that English is the most ambiguous
language. There are lots of better candidates for that.

The overwhelming favorite for most people is Chinese. There are two main reasons for this. It’s not
the grammar because Chinese grammar is quite easy. It’s the tones. The same word can be
said in four different tones and have four different meanings. That’s just Mandarin Chinese. In some
other dialects (like Cantonese) there can be up to nine separate sounds! This makes this
language tough for someone to learn if it is not their mother tongue.

The other reason Chinese is so difficult is the traditional writing system that is still widely in use. There is a different symbol for every word! This makes even a basic vocabulary of a few thousand words tough to learn to read and write.

There are other candidates for the Most Difficult Language to Learn such as Arabic, Russian,
Japanese, Finnish, Hungarian, Navajo and many others. what do you think? Fill out the Hardest Language to Learn Survey and get a chance at a free giveaway of a
language learning product!

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